• Establish a Healthy Relationship With Food

    Sean Wheeler describes his approach to weight loss hypnosis, which focuses on establishing long-term changes, as opposed to the short-term changes typically associated with dieting.

  • Weight Loss Hypnosis: How it Works

    Sean Wheeler discusses some of the specific ways that a hypnosis weight loss program can change how you interact with food.

  • Sean Wheeler: My Past Struggles with Food

    Sean Wheeler talks about his own past struggles with food and weight, and how hypnosis helped him to turn things around. He also shares advice on how to maintain a healthy weight without relying on will power.

  • Wyatt Has Already Lost 43 Pounds in 5 Months!

    Listen to this client’s experience losing more than 40 pounds during the first 5 months after beginning his sessions with Sean Wheeler. This includes some great details about what to expect with this program.

  • How To Eliminate Cravings

    Sean Wheeler explains how he uses hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to eliminate cravings for specific foods or drinks, giving examples of some changes he has produced with his own clients.


Diet is a 4-Letter Word! This Program is NOT a Diet!

Are you absolutely exhausted from trying diet after diet, only to lose weight and gain it all back again? Who wouldn’t want a solution that not only helps you reach your goal weight, but also puts you on autopilot once you get there?

You’ve heard it all before, right? “THIS DIET is the one that REALLY WORKS!”  You try it… maybe it works for a while, maybe not… and eventually, you’re off the diet and the old habits return, along with all the weight and then some.

Well, right here on this page, you can learn why “DIET is a 4-Letter Word.” In the videos above, Sean Wheeler and his clients explain in detail how this program works. The logic of dieting (a short-term solution) goes against the very nature of human behavior – that we are creatures of habit. Listen to stories from people who were once in your shoes, including Sean himself!

woman scale wide


You see, in addition to helping you to eat healthier and lose weight IMMEDIATELY, this program will teach you how to relax yourself more deeply than ever before. These deep feelings of calm and peacefulness, and the overall positive shift in attitude, will allow you to enjoy yourself more completely even before you reach your goal weight.

The point here is that once you’ve begun this program, you’ll not only be drawn toward healthier foods… you’ll not only have an overwhelming desire to exercise more… you’ll also remain poised and tranquil, and you’ll be feeling a lot more confident.

Get in Shape with a PROVEN and EFFECTIVE Program

Sean Wheeler’s weight loss program includes some of the same techniques taught by Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI, whose weight loss program success was featured on Dateline NBC in a weight loss challenge. Guess what? Tom Nicoli’s client lost the most weight and won the challenge.

What You Will NOT Do With This Program:

  •  You will NOT count calories. 

  •  You will NOT buy special foods.

  •  You will NOT attend meetings. 

  •  You will NOT exclude favorite foods.

  •  You will NOT spend one more cent trying to lose weight with another program.

  •  You will never “DIET” again.

To schedule an appointment or free consultation, call 678-488-7362 today. To expedite the process, choose one of the options below and we will contact you by phone within two business days to schedule your appointments.

Before & After Pics: Anita Got in Shape!

Anita didn’t like running. She told me she hadn’t run the Peachtree Road Race in 25 years. In fact, she hadn’t run for more than 10 minutes since then. She thought of running as “torture” and punishment for gaining weight. That was May 2011. Fast forward 3 years and a lot has changed… Anita lost a lot of weight and won a lot of medals!  See the before/after photos below.

“I wanted to write and tell you that I came to see you regarding my running. I wasn’t wanting to be the fastest or anything, I was just having trouble with running without (giving up and) walking. Since seeing you, I have had foot surgery, and that didn’t help my progression on running at all.


Marie Lost a 12-Year Diet Coke Habit!

 I worked with the following client for two sessions, but the results were immediate after even a single session. I’ve had numerous clients over the years whom I’ve helped to eliminate addictions to soda – from Diet Coke to Mountain Dew and everything in between – as well as addictions to coffee, wine, sweet tea and many others.

Take a look at what Marie had to say…

“Today marks the one month anniversary of not drinking Diet Coke. Numerous unsuccessful attempts were made to end this 12-year addiction/obsession and I knew that seeing Sean would be my last attempt to kick this habit.


Jan Lost Weight… AND Her Fear of Flying!

One Year Later and Still Going Strong

“Sean, even a year after our last personal session… the recordings have kept me on track. Weight loss… tremendous!! But the best part is that I just landed in Boston… stress free. :) I was calm… even napped… thru the turbulence.

Thank you so much. You are the best.”

Jan Boyea | Atlanta, GA