Booking Sessions with the Heartbreak Hypnotist® Sean Wheeler

If you’d like to book sessions with Sean Wheeler, this is the quickest way to get started. Choose a program below that fits your needs and Sean will respond to you personally within two business days to discuss scheduling. If you have already spoken with Sean over the phone, you can also make payments here at your convenience.

When deciding how many sessions to purchase, it is important to consider that Sean typically has a 4-6 week wait time. Therefore, if you later decide to add additional sessions, there may be another 4-6 week wait before your sessions can continue. Ideally, your sessions will take place 1-2 weeks apart, depending on the issues being addressed.

Programs and Rates

The normal rate to work with Sean Wheeler is $250/hour and individual sessions typically last one hour. The programs below offer lower rates for booking three or more sessions (most average closer to $200/hour). If you have questions about which program would be best for you, call Sean at 678-488-7362 and he will be happy to assist you.

Client Intake Form

For clients who have recently booked sessions with Sean Wheeler, as well as those who would like to do so, please fill out the intake form below and click “submit” to send it directly to Sean’s inbox. This form will be seen only by Sean himself, so please feel free to be as open and forthcoming as possible. All information submitted is completely confidential, and will never be shared with anyone without your stated consent.