Programs and Rates

Sean recommends a minimum of three sessions for most issues (there are some exceptions), and most clients will average between 3-6 sessions. To learn about the current session rate, or if you have questions about which program would be best for you, call Sean at 678-488-7362 and he will be happy to assist you.

Hypnotherapy is short-form therapy, and is intended to help you to move forward quickly and become self-sufficient (as opposed to weekly sessions for many months or years). Audio recordings of the sessions to use for relaxation and reinforcement are provided at no additional cost.

Insurance Information

Most insurance providers do not cover hypnotherapy services, although there are some exceptions to that rule. Additionally, many HSA and FSA programs will allow you to use those funds for hypnotherapy services. The best way to know for certain would be to contact your insurance company directly and ask if they’ll reimburse. If they require medical codes then we will be unable to provide them, as our hypnotherapy practice is not a licensed medical healthcare facility and thus does not communicate with insurance companies directly regarding payment.