Hypnosis in the News

The following articles about hypnosis have been found in mainstream news organizations.  Click the link to read the full article at the original source.

ABC news

ABC News: Hypnosis Minimizes Need for Anesthetic and Painkillers

The effects of hypnosis on reducing preoperative anxiety are well-documented. But increasingly, studies also support a role for hypnosis in reducing pain during and after surgery. The latest research, presented at the European Anaesthesiology Congress in June, found that patients who were hypnotized before breast cancer surgery done under local anesthetic fared better than patients who were put under general anesthetic without hypnosis. (Full article)


BBC News: Man Hypnotizes Himself Before Operation; Feels No Pain

“I’m glad I did it – it felt ace!”  That’s how a registered hypnotherapist described an operation on his thumb – without any anaesthetic. Surgeons cut, sawed and chiseled a bone out of the hand of Alex Lenkei. But the 61-year-old didn’t feel a thing after putting himself into a trance ahead of the 80-minute operation at Worthing and Southlands Hospital is West Sussex. (Full article)

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ABC/Good Morning America: Hypnosis Can Help Shed Weight Without Pill Popping

Judy Lederman has struggled with her weight all her life, and said hypnosis helped her lose 95 pounds. “I’ve tried every diet known to man,” she said. Not wanting to deal with another diet, she went to a hypnotist. At the time, Lederman weighed 224 pounds. Initially, she was skeptical. Not so, when she saw the results. (Full article)

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Daily Mail: Hypnotized Patient Has Two Teeth Removed Without Anaesthetic

He underwent a two-hour procedure without anaesthetic, remaining conscious but in a trance-like state, and reported feeling nothing more than a ‘little sting’. He is believed to be the first person in the country to have major dental surgery using hypnosis instead of anaesthetic. ‘There is no worse pain than that inflicted by dentists but I didn’t feel any.’ (Full article)