Hypnosis to Eliminate Fears and Phobias


You Can Be FREE from Your Fear – NOW!

No matter how long you’ve had your fear, you can lose it very quickly. I’m not talking about weeks or months — I’m talking about hours. Whether you’ve been suffering from a phobia your entire life, or experiencing anxiety only recently, you can learn to control your thoughts and change your feelings in just a few sessions of hypnotherapy.

Just take a look at the long list of client testimonials below as well as the videos on this page to see that hypnosis can be an extremely powerful tool used to eliminate fears permanently.

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Eric Loses 30-Year Fear of Flying… And Goes To JAPAN!

* Eric hadn’t flown in nearly 30 years. As a young boy, he developed a fear of flying that became worse over time. He also suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since he was a kid. Now, he needed to travel to Japan to visit his fiancé’s family before... read more

Cristin Feels “At Ease” Flying After One Session!

* Cristin’s fear of flying began more than a decade ago after having a panic attack aboard a plane.  Her fear was so intense that it actually caused her to make long roadtrips from Atlanta to New York and Texas, and also prevented her from traveling to see... read more

Photos: Alina Skydives With NO FEAR!

* Alina did a Skype session with me earlier this year. Her hope was to get rid of the tremendous fear she felt while attempting to skydive, specifically in order to complete a certification program. Immediately after listening to her session, she made a successful... read more

Michelle Loses Lifelong Fear In One Session!

* Michelle had been dealing with this fear since childhood. We scheduled three sessions, and when she came in for her second, she said “I think I’m cured.”  We then did two sessions on other, unrelated issues, which she responded to equally well.... read more

Jenn Lost Her Fear of Elevators & Fear of Flying

Here’s a message I just received from a client I’ve been working with on a fear of elevators, as well as a fear of flying. Prior to her initial session, her fear (stemming from claustrophobia) was so intense, she wouldn’t even consider taking a ride... read more

Wine Drinking, Overeating, and Fear of Flying (oh, my!)

Just got this message from a client I saw for three sessions a short while ago.  Each session had a different focus, and it appears that she responded extraordinarily well all three times. Regarding the wine issue, she had been drinking a few glasses of wine each day... read more

Laughing Off a Fear of Flying

From Panic to Giggles in Just Three Sessions This young woman had a traumatic experience on a previous flight, and as a result had developed anxiety so strong that she resorted to sleep aids just to get through subsequent flights. Even so, she had been extremely... read more

Jan Lost Weight… AND Her Fear of Flying!

One Year Later and Still Going Strong “Sean, even a year after our last personal session… the recordings have kept me on track. Weight loss… tremendous!! But the best part is that I just landed in Boston… stress free. 🙂 I was calm… even... read more

Ellen Lost Weight… AND Her Fear of Vegetables!

“Hi Sean! Well, it’s officially been 6 weeks since my 1st session and everything is going great! To my surprise I lost 8 lbs!!! I was so excited! Especially since my weight loss had plateaued before I came to see you. I’ve tried everything! I... read more

The Truth About the Fear of Flying

In today’s world, having a fear of flying is not only inconvenient, it’s debilitating. It can cause you to lose a business deal, a job, a friend, or precious time that is wasted driving on interstates. If you’d like to visit other countries and see... read more

Dyrita’s 25-Year Claustrophobia is Gone!

“I suffered from claustrophobia for about 25 years. I had gone to doctors for help but they only wanted to put me on medication. After researching on the internet, I was skeptical about hypnosis, but after reading Sean’s site, I was convinced that he would... read more

Juan Lost His 20-Year Fear of Flying!

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. I didn’t really believe it until I took that flight, but I can honestly say that I really enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would. It’s unbelievable to realize that it’s really gone... read more

Long-Distance Hypnosis: Fear of Flying

This testimonial is from a client who never set foot in my office. Communication with the client was made solely through email. After gathering sufficient information, I created and recorded a CD which the client used in preparation for her trip. “I’ve... read more

Michelle Overcomes Claustrophobia to Fight Fires!

“As a firefighter in training, I’m placed in extremely confined spaces, which would provoke my claustrophobia. After just one session with you, I was able to overcome my claustrophobia and handle all the tight spaces with no problem. My job just got a lot... read more

Whitney’s 25-Year Fear of Flying? Gone!

“I had a fear of flying. No, scratch that. Actually it was a phobia of flying. Just the thought of going to an airport made me sick to my stomach. I was told I needed to travel to L.A. on a business trip and I needed to travel alone. I knew I wouldn’t be... read more

33-Year Fear of Cats: Gone!

This message is from a fellow classmate from my hypnotherapy training program. She mentioned one day at lunch that she had an intense fear of cats, which caught my attention because I’m a cat lover with two of my own! I asked if she’d be willing to come... read more

The stories featured on this website are true and specific feedback from actual clients. As with all successful therapeutic interactions, the individuals have cooperated fully and are ultimately responsible for their own success. Results naturally vary from client to client.

-Sean Wheeler