Sunday January 5, 2014 – Sunday May 5, 2013

2857 Paces Ferry Rd SE

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Learn all the powerful tools I teach my 1-on-1 weight loss clients – but in a single intensive seminar – and at a tiny fraction of the cost.

This event will include everything you need to know in order to finally reach your goal weight, as well as the tools you need to actually MAKE IT HAPPEN.

This is the same program that was featured in a 2011 Fitness Magazine article on weight loss hypnosis that was written by one of my former clients!

During this event, you will learn how to:

  • Establish healthy eating habits that become AUTOMATIC
  • Actually WANT healthy foods
  • Eliminate cravings for sweets, sodas, fast food and junk food
  • Eliminate emotional eating
  • Stop fixating on food
  • Increase your DESIRE to exercise
  • Recognize true hunger and fullness
  • Improve portion control
  • Think like a person who’s naturally thin
  • Clarify and harness your motivation
  • Set yourself up for success
  • Recover from mistakes (without giving up)
  • Build a positive self-image
  • Eliminate internal mental battles over food
  • Develop a healthy relationship with food

Also included for all in attendance:

  • A full and complete hypnosis experience: You will be hypnotized at the event, which ensures that you will leave with both conscious and subconscious understandings of all material covered.
  • Four (4) hypnosis mp3’s that are yours to keep and use daily for reinforcement until you reach your goal. [a $60 value]
  • “Healthy Weight Management for Life: Keys to Long-Term Success” – This booklet includes advice and guidelines that will keep you on track until you reach your goal, and will help make that success permanent.

You’ll get all the tools you need to start losing weight IMMEDIATELY, to make those changes AUTOMATIC, and to keep the weight off NATURALLY once you reach your goal… and you get it for a tiny fraction of the cost of doing 1-on-1 sessions.

This is an opportunity with very little risk and an extremely high reward.

RSVP by December 20th to receive the $20 Early Bird discount!

I look forward to seeing you there!