After a lot of hard work and planning, it’s here!  Welcome to, the new home for what once was I’m still doing all the things I used to do, only now, as you can see, I’m emphasizing the “Heartbreak” to let people know hypnosis can help with that, too.

I’d like to give a ton of thanks and credit to my lovely wife Shelli for designing such a beautiful website from scratch, and to my talented webmaster Jackson Murphy for implementing her designs to perfection.

There are some great new features you should know about, and all of them are geared toward enhancing your experience while visiting the site and finding the information you need.

  1. New Mp3 Store: seamless and easy-to-use, our online store allows you to download hypnosis mp3’s instantly, straight to your desktop. We are now also featuring several brand new items, including mp3’s for Heartbreak and Relationship Issues, Motivation and Self-Esteem.
  2. Event Registration: we’ve made the transition from using to what is now a completely self-contained experience. You can RSVP, view upcoming events and get all the information you need right here.
  3. Book Sessions Online: you can now view and purchase any of our program options on the site.
  4. On that same page, you can now also complete and submit your Client Intake Form online. This sends your information straight to my email inbox (for my eyes only).
  5. New Videos: we have some amazing new testimonial videos from some of my recent clients. Most are viewable on the Case Studies page, or in the video players throughout the site. Visit our YouTube Channel for access to nearly 100 videos about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and subscribe to be notified as we post new videos in the future.
  6. Comments: you can see the familiar DISQUS comment interface below this article, where you can log in using your Facebook or other online account to interact and post comments. If you have questions about an article, post them in the comments, and I’ll answer them publicly whenever possible.
  7. Like/Share: if you like what you read here, “like” it, too! Share these posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media websites using the buttons below.
  8. Search: use the tag cloud and search field in the column on the right to quickly find any articles or content on this site that’s related to your area of interest.

If you have questions about any of this, send a message to my new address:

Let us know what you think of the site… leave a comment below!