Here’s a message I just received from a client I’ve been working with on a fear of elevators, as well as a fear of flying. Prior to her initial session, her fear (stemming from claustrophobia) was so intense, she wouldn’t even consider taking a ride on an elevator. In fact, the mere thought of an elevator was enough to make her feel extremely anxious and uncomfortable. Daring to look at one was almost unthinkable.

As far as her fear of flying is concerned, she has never taken a flight. Her fear of being trapped on a plane, unable to escape, had to this point prevented her from even considering making a reservation.

After her first session, she took a ride on an elevator (itself a huge step), felt more comfortable, but still had a bit of anxiety. After her second session with me, she sent the following email…

“Hi, Sean! Oh my god!! So today I was at SCAD to finish up projects and such for finals. I can’t even tell you how many times I rode the elevator!!! It was liberating! The first time, I was just a tiny bit nervous walking into it and when the doors closed. But I was totally fine on the ride and when it stopped because after it got all lined up, the doors opened. I can’t even begin to tell you how good this feels for me. I was relaxed and comfortable. This is so exciting for me. =) I honestly can’t thank you enough. And I’m thinking about booking a flight somewhere super soon! Thanks again! “

Jenn | Atlanta, GA

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