Here’s some positive feedback I received from a client I recently worked with on a pretty rare issue: hair-pulling. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about this problem, check out the Wikipedia page.

I worked with this client over the course of three sessions, but she hasn’t pulled her hair since the very first session. When this is the case, the subsequent sessions are used to strengthen and reinforce, with the goal always being permanent change that feels natural.

As this is often a private or embarrassing problem that many are able to hide from their peers, this particular client agreed to allow me to publish her words, but chose to remain anonymous. Take a look…

“I’ve lived with Trichotillomania for well over 20 years.I have tried everything recommended to help my condition yet nothing ever worked until I met with Sean.After Sean hypnotized me the first time I felt so calm and had no desire to pull my hair.It has been 2 months and I have not touched my hair which is a new record for me.

Thank you, Sean.You have changed my life!”

Atlanta, GA

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