Here’s some very detailed feedback from a client who I worked with on his fear of flying. As is often the case, his conscious mind wasn’t sure his fear was gone until after he took a couple flights. However, the results were excellent. Take a look…
“I flew to Las Vegas on the morning of 4/28. As we discussed I was nervous that I was going to have anxiety about flying. I had one drink prior to the flight. The flight had rather steady turbulence throughout which normally would have caused my to be uneasy the entire flight. I would rate my anxiety during the flight at 1(on a scale of 1 to 10). Normally it would have been a consistent 3-5, with turbulence it could have jumped above 5 quite easily. The flight back I was very hung over so I had no preflight drink nor did I drink on the flight. I had no anxiety prior to the flight nor during the flight.
A week later I had a day trip to Miami. Again the flight down was light turbulence and I had no anxiety. The flight back was bumpier but I still had little to no anxiety. At one point we hit a startling batch of clear air turbulence where the plane jolted and then lurched from side to side for 10 seconds. My heart rate jumped to about 150 bpm but I was able to settle down within 30 seconds and returned to a no anxiety state within a few minutes.
In conclusion, I now seem to be indifferent to most turbulence and generally don’t have much to any fear of flying. In the past it only took a little bit of turbulence for my subconscious to take over and imagine the worst case scenario. Overall I would say that I am very pleased with my progress and your help in getting me to where I am now.
Thanks again for your help and I won’t hesitate to recommend your services to a friend.”
Bhrett Kistler
Smyrna, GA

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