Eliminating Panic Attacks Quickly and Easily

Alissa signed up for a 3-session program to deal with anxiety and panic attacks that began after she suffered a heart attack.  She made so much progress after two sessions that she didn’t even need to use the third!  She actually came back two years later to use her remaining session for an unrelated issue.

“I lived with panic attacks for about 7 months. They were to the extreme. After a cardiac attack I experienced, I could barely leave my house or drive a car without having a panic attack. The life I lived before panic attacks was the complete opposite. I was always on the run, in and out of places and enjoyed every minute of it. All I wanted was my life back.

I tried everything I could – medications, therapy – and decided to try hypnosis because I was so desperate for a change. I went to Sean and the first session helped quite a bit. I definitely saw a change in my thinking. The second session helped as well. I paid for three sessions and since the first two I have gone places, to the places I was so scared to go to and did just fine. It helped so much to the point I decided to cancel my last session and re-schedule when needed. Because as of right now, I don’t need any more help.

Sean has done all of this for me, has really uplifted me, and taught me how to relax and let myself be in control.

I can’t thank you enough!”

Alissa | Atlanta, GA

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