This client was my very first success story. As a new hypnotherapist in 2003, he came to me to stop smoking and “hasn’t had a single puff” since his initial session. June 2013 marks his 10th anniversary. 

“I want to thank you so much for helping me quit smoking. I smoked cigarettes for 14 years, and was beginning to believe that I would never be able to quit. I had tried everything from quitting cold turkey, to the patch, to gum, to nicotine lozenges… EVERYTHING! To make it even more difficult, I was an “all-day smoker,” averaging a pack or more a day. So, I associated smoking with all facets of my life.

As much of a skeptic as I can be, I was very reluctant to try hypnosis. However, having now gone through your program, I am reaching my 4-month anniversary without so much as a single puff. I have no desire to start the habit again, and in fact, have recommended you to many of my friends so they can quit, too.

Thanks again, Sean, for helping me breathe freely again! Here’s to a healthy future!! Cheers!”

-L.M. | Atlanta, GA

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