“I had a fear of flying. No, scratch that. Actually it was a phobia of flying. Just the thought of going to an airport made me sick to my stomach. I was told I needed to travel to L.A. on a business trip and I needed to travel alone. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go. A friend gave me Sean’s information and told me to call him. I did.

I arrived at Sean’s office and he told me he may be able to “cure” my disease in an hour. ‘Yeah right,’ I thought. That’s impossible. I had been dealing with this paralyzing phobia for 25 years.

At the end of the session, one hour later, my mind was relaxed and at ease. My trip to L.A. was scheduled for the next day and not only was the fear gone, but excitement took its place. He told me that the more I flew the more fun I would have each trip. He was right.

I now fly all over the country on trips by myself… trips that I make for myself! I have fun and feel safe. Turbulence doesn’t even bother me.

It’s amazing how liberated and strong I feel now as a result of my therapy session with Sean. I recommend his services to everyone I know. It’s the right choice. And best of all, it’s an alternative to medication that’s everlasting.

Thank you, Sean! You’ve changed my life.”

-Whitney Fair | Atlanta, GA

Update from the official Pure Hypnosis page on Facebook (1/10/11)

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