This message is from a fellow classmate from my hypnotherapy training program. She mentioned one day at lunch that she had an intense fear of cats, which caught my attention because I’m a cat lover with two of my own! I asked if she’d be willing to come over and work with me so I could try out some techniques I’d been studying on my own. After a single session, we walked into the next room (where my cats were locked safely away) and Ja actually held them! After 33 years of fear, she was holding my cats, crying tears of joy and expressing disbelief.  Here are her words from a message a few weeks later… 

“Hi Sean! I finally got to show my family that I could be in the room with a cat and when they saw me holding one they just could not believe it… my husband and children were absolutely in shock! They could not believe it, and after only one session. Wow !! I made believers out of them!! Thank you so much!”

-Ja Spruill | Atlanta, GA

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