• How Sean Wheeler and Hypnosis Can Help You

    Clinical Hypnotherapist Sean Wheeler explains his approach and experience, and how he can use hypnosis to help you achieve your personal goals. Your search for a solution ends here!

  • Sean Wheeler Helps Jenn Hobby to Quit Smoking!

    Jenn Hobby of Q100′s “The Bert Show” gets hypnotized to stop smoking by Clinical Hypnotherapist Sean Wheeler, and shares her experience on the air. Includes audio clips from her hypnosis session.

  • Sean Healed Heather’s Broken Heart

    Heather had just come out of a long-term relationship and was devastated. After just three sessions with The Heartbreak Hypnotist™, she was a new person. Months later, she’s feeling better than ever!

  • Sean Wheeler on Swift Justice with Nancy Grace

    Sean Wheeler appears as an Expert Forensic Hypnotist on Swift Justice with Nancy Grace. During this episode, Sean uses forensic hypnosis to recover memories lost to an alcohol-induced blackout to help resolve a legal dispute.

  • What Sean Wheeler’s Clients Are Saying About Him

    Listen to what just a few of Sean Wheeler’s own clients have to say about their experience working with him.

  • Meet the Heartbreak Hypnotist™

    Sean Wheeler became known as the Heartbreak Hypnotist™  for his success on Q100′s “The Bert Show.” Here, he explains how he developed his expertise in this area, and how he’s helped his clients to achieve success.

  • Dielle is Wig-Free and Loving It!

    As a young girl, Dielle lost her all of her hair due to a condition known as alopecia, and for nearly a decade, she had hidden it by wearing wigs. After a few sessions of hypnotherapy with Sean Wheeler, she now embraces it!

  • Ann: “Hypnosis Has Changed My Life”

    Meet Ann Russell. Listen to her story of how Sean Wheeler helped her to eliminate anxiety, panic attacks, shyness and stage fright… and even helped save Ann from sliding down an icy hill outside his office! 

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Hypnosis in the News

Scientific and university studies, as well as mainstream news articles, demonstrate how hypnosis is being used effectively by therapists and medical professionals all around the world. 

Neuroscience has proven the value of hypnosis to make both psychological changes (increased motivation, etc.) and physical alterations (pain control, etc.). Take a look at our selection of articles and links and see for yourself.


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Hypnotherapy for Troubled Military Veterans

United States military veterans are losing a battle for their mental and emotional well-being.  Recent statistics show that each day in America, 22 veterans choose to take their own lives.  It adds up to nearly 2,000 suicides during the first three months of 2014 alone. An even more astonishing fact is that more U.S. military… Read more »

Joy Found Greater Self-Esteem… and a Great Guy!

Joy had an upbringing that strongly contributed to poor self-esteem.  When we met for her first session, she revealed a history of picking the “wrong guy” who didn’t show her much respect. She was still hung up on a guy who had been very noncommittal, and was questioning her self-worth. As you’ll see below, things have changed… Read more »

Top 3 Reasons You Fail to Accomplish Goals

Having now met with nearly 2,000 clients and conducted roughly 7,000 sessions since becoming a hypnotherapist 11 years ago, I’ve heard just about everything. When people are paying me their hard-earned money to help them make a change in their lives, it’s rarely because they don’t know what they should be doing. Most often, it’s… Read more »