• Sean Wheeler on CNN: Stop Smoking Hypnosis

    Clinical Hypnotherapist Sean Wheeler appears in this CNN piece to explain how hypnosis can be used to stop smoking. Includes footage of the hypnosis session and a before/after interview with a new client.

  • How Sean Wheeler and Hypnosis Can Help You

    Clinical Hypnotherapist Sean Wheeler explains his approach and experience, and how he can use hypnosis to help you achieve your personal goals. Your search for a solution ends here!

  • Sean Wheeler Helps Jenn Hobby to Quit Smoking!

    Jenn Hobby of Q100’s “The Bert Show” gets hypnotized to stop smoking by Clinical Hypnotherapist Sean Wheeler, and shares her experience on the air. Includes audio clips from her hypnosis session.

  • Sean Healed Heather’s Broken Heart

    Heather had just come out of a long-term relationship and was devastated. After just three sessions with The Heartbreak Hypnotist™, she was a new person. Months later, she’s feeling better than ever!

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Hypnosis in the News

Scientific and university studies, as well as mainstream news articles, demonstrate how hypnosis is being used effectively by therapists and medical professionals all around the world. 

Neuroscience has proven the value of hypnosis to make both psychological changes (increased motivation, etc.) and physical alterations (pain control, etc.). Take a look at our selection of articles and links and see for yourself.


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