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Cristin Feels “At Ease” Flying After One Session!

* Cristin’s fear of flying began more than a decade ago after having a panic attack aboard a plane.  Her fear was so intense that it actually caused her to make long roadtrips from Atlanta to New York and Texas, and also prevented her from traveling to see certain friends abroad. After a single session and the use of a recording to reinforce it, she is now able to fly comfortably. “Both of my flights went well. There was even turbulance on the way back and I stayed calm. I now have another flight coming up in a couple of...

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Garrett Says Sean Wheeler “Is Absolutely Astounding At What He Does”

* Garrett’s fear of rejection and abandonment led to a great deal of anxiety, which he described as “fairly constant all throughout the day” and which escalated when meeting new people.  As you’ll see below, his positive response to hypnosis was immediate. Garrett also reported the following positive side-effects: improved sleep, improved self-esteem, more control over his emotions and happier in general. “The first session was great! After the first session it felt as though I just woke up from a 3 hour nap. Then over the following week, I noticed a dramatic decrease in the tension I held in my shoulders and being able to talk with others with a lot less fear of judgement from them. I feel like I’m much more me now, freer to be who I am and not letting others’ expectations of me guide my behavior. I was slightly skeptical at first, but based on testimony of a good friend I believed it would work for me. I was slightly concerned about the rate Sean charged as well, but he is absolutely outstanding at what he does, extremely knowledgable and able to get to the root of the issue very quickly. Based on his level of service and the huge quality of life increase I’ve experienced, the price was well worth it and I plan on urging several of my family members to...

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Tonya Quit Smoking Completely After One Session!

* Prior to her initial hypnosis session, Tonya had never quit for more than 2-3 days.  At the time of this writing, she’s been smoke-free for nearly two months.  Tonya also said that since her sessions, she’s become happier, more positive, more comfortable in social settings and her self-esteem has increased. Not bad for side-effects! “I was able to quit smoking after my first session. I can confidently say that I walked out of my initial session a non-smoker with more confidence and willpower than I had expected. I’ve noticed that the minimal cravings I do have pass quickly,...

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Photos: Alina Skydives With NO FEAR!

* Alina did a Skype session with me earlier this year. Her hope was to get rid of the tremendous fear she felt while attempting to skydive, specifically in order to complete a certification program. Immediately after listening to her session, she made a successful tandem jump without feeling any fear. Shortly thereafter, she enrolled in a skydiving certification program… and now we have the results! In her words… “Great news! I attended ground school on Sunday, June 16. While taking a break, all three students and the instructor witnessed a catastrophic and terrifying landing by one of skydivers at the...

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Andi: Quitting Smoking “Easier Than I Thought Possible”

* Andi wanted to quit smoking for many reasons: the cost, quality of life, and mainly for her two young daughters. The problem is that in the past when she tried to quit, she became angry and irritable. After her very first session of hypnosis, she found out that it didn’t have to be so bad. She was pleasant, more relaxed, more productive, and even felt comfortable being around other smokers! “Sean, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how happy I am to still be a non-smoker after my first visit with you...

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Lose Weight and Feel Great!

Sunday January 5, 2014 – Sunday May 5, 2013 2857 Paces Ferry Rd SE Map and Directions | Register Description: Learn all the powerful tools I teach my 1-on-1 weight loss clients – but in a single intensive seminar – and at a tiny fraction of the cost. This event will include everything you need to know in order to finally reach your goal weight, as well as the tools you need to actually MAKE IT HAPPEN. This is the same program that was featured in a 2011 Fitness Magazine article on weight loss hypnosis that was written by...

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FREE Hypnosis Seminar on August 25th!

If you’ve been thinking about trying hypnosis but haven’t taken the plunge, here’s your chance… Back by popular demand, I’m offering my completely FREE hypnosis seminar event, which offers a chance to learn about hypnosis, ask questions, and actually get hypnotized… all without any obligation. And if you are interested in working with me 1-on-1, you’ll be able to sign up for sessions at my very lowest rate. This event will take place at 2:00pm on Sunday, August 25th. Full details are available at the link below. While admission is FREE, space is limited, so you do need to register in...

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Therapy vs Hypnotherapy: What’s the Difference?

Ever since I became a hypnotherapist in Atlanta, people have been asking me this question: “What’s the difference between traditional therapy and hypnotherapy?”  There are a lot of ways to answer that question, so I decided to make a short video that explains several key differences (aside from the fact that hypnotherapists use hypnosis, of course). Take a look and feel free to leave questions below. [tubepress...

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9-Year Nail-Biting Habit: Gone in a Single Session!

* “My daughter bit her nails for 9 years, and we tried everything to get her to stop!  Nothing ever really stuck until her session with you, and since then she hasn’t bit them in more than 6 months! She felt like she would have no problem stopping almost immediately after her session with you. Thank you for your help!”...

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Michelle Loses Lifelong Fear In One Session!

* Michelle had been dealing with this fear since childhood. We scheduled three sessions, and when she came in for her second, she said “I think I’m cured.”  We then did two sessions on other, unrelated issues, which she responded to equally well. “Hello Sean, I simply wanted to say thank you for helping me alleviate my fear and anxiety of feeling safe at night before I go to sleep. In the past, I would have to check my doors two and three times, in addition to creating booby traps in front of windows and doors in order to feel safer....

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