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Jenny Celebrates a Full Year as a Non-Smoker!

Here’s a message from a client who came to me to stop smoking exactly one year ago today.  This is great! “Dear Sean, I wasn’t sure I’d see it myself, but here I am. TODAY. One year, smoke-free!   What a difference your hypnosis made in my life, and the lives of my husband and children. Gone are the stresses and side-effects of maintaining a relationship with cigarettes (and it is just that)… and my whole family is happier for it.   It was completely and totally hassle free and easy. I know. It sounds like it cannot be...

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Ann Russell: “Hypnosis Changed My Life.”

Meet Ann. She Used Hypnosis to Cure Her Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Shyness and Stage Fright. Below is a combination of Ann’s emails to me and her own blog posts about her experiences with hypnosis to conquer these issues. One year after our initial session, Ann appeared at my World Hypnotism Day seminar and spoke in front of more than 100 people – with no fear! I am FASCINATED! I was as skeptical as anyone could possibly be… and positive that there was no way I could ever relax like that. It is not as bizarre as it sounds nor as terrifying to be “out of control” (which you are not) as I thought it would be. Friends of ours know Sean socially so I asked… got excellent feedback and took the plunge. One of my fears is the phone. Sean called this morning to confirm due to ice on the roads and I called him back. No big deal? Easy for you to say! I could answer a call most of the time, but returning a call was like pulling teeth. I saw the message, hit the button without thinking (or panicking) and called Sean back. Be there in 5 minutes, the roads are fine. I noticed how easy that was. So far so good….very good. Unfortunately, in 5 minutes I was sliding backward on the steep, icy hill...

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