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Sean on Swift Justice

There's only one hypnotherapist in Atlanta who has appeared on CNN, Nancy Grace and Q100's The Bert Show. He's hypnotized Jenn Hobby, Jeff Dauler, Bert Weiss and more than 2,000 others. His list of clients includes professional athletes, CEO's, millionaires, political leaders, medical doctors, scientists, college professors and others from all walks of life. And he can help you.

Don’t believe in Hypnosis? Don’t think you can be Hypnotized? Afraid of clucking like a chicken?

Atlanta's most popular hypnotherapist, Sean Wheeler (aka The Heartbreak Hypnotist®) has answers to those questions and many others available to you at the click of a button.

Sean has performed upwards of 10,000 sessions since becoming a hypnotherapist back in 2003, and that real world experience allows him to help his clients quickly and easily.

Most people have never experienced hypnosis, and there are a ton of misconceptions and myths floating around about what hypnosis can and cannot do, so before making a decision about whether hypnosis is right for you, take the time to learn the truth.

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Sean Wheeler, known as The Heartbreak Hypnotist® for his success healing broken hearts on Q100’s The Bert Show, uses hypnotherapy to help people through all stages of a relationship… including dating, falling in love, marriage, divorce and of course, heartbreak. If you want results, and you want them quickly, you won’t find a better therapist than Sean.

Stop Smoking

Sean Wheeler is Atlanta’s proven Stop Smoking Expert. He successfully hypnotized Jenn Hobby (then of Q100’s The Bert Show) to quit in 2010, and he’s also appeared on CNN in a segment about stop smoking hypnosis. Sean will help you to eliminate cravings, forget about smoking and dramatically increase your motivation to be healthy.

Lose Weight

Sean Wheeler’s hypnosis for weight loss program was featured in Fitness Magazine, and the author reported losing 15 pounds (her goal) following her sessions. His clients have reported losing as much as 70 pounds within six months. This program can work for you, too. Change your relationship with food permanently in a way that feels natural.

Fears & Phobias

Whether it’s a fear of flying, driving, claustrophobia, public speaking, or even dogs & cats, Sean Wheeler can help. Recently, Sean helped a client make his first flight in 30 years – from Atlanta to Tokyo, Japan! Most fears can be reduced or eliminated within just a few sessions, so don’t wait to learn more about how you can be free from fear and live life fully.

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We are happy to offer a no-risk opportunity to learn more about hypnosis and how it applies to your situation. This can take place either in person (by appointment) or by phone. There is absolutely no pressure, and there are no hard sales techniques. Get honest answers to all your questions directly from Sean Wheeler, a clinical Atlanta Hypnotherapist. To schedule your free consultation, call (678) 488-7362 or email sean@heartbreakhypnotist.com today.

My Location

My office is located at The Fountains at Piedmont Center, near the heart of Buckhead.  There is free parking and a comfortable waiting room. 3495 Piedmont Rd NE | Building 12, Suite 112 | Atlanta, GA 30305 GET DIRECTIONS »

Hypnosis in the News

Scientific and university studies, as well as mainstream news articles, demonstrate how hypnosis is being used effectively by therapists and medical professionals all around the world. Neuroscience has proven the value of hypnosis to make both psychological changes (increased motivation, etc.) and physical alterations (pain control, etc.). Take a look at our selection of articles and links and see for yourself. CONTINUE READING »

Dielle is Going Without a Wig and Loving It!

How This College Student Embraced Having Alopecia As a young girl, Dielle lost her all of her hair due to a condition known as alopecia, and for nearly a decade, she had hidden it by wearing wigs, afraid of how others might react. Now, she embraces it! Hey Sean, I... read more

Eric Loses 30-Year Fear of Flying… And Goes To JAPAN!

Eric hadn’t flown in nearly 30 years. As a young boy, he developed a fear of flying that became worse over time. He also suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since he was a kid. Now, he needed to travel to Japan to visit his fiancé’s family before... read more

Before & After Pics: Anita Got in Shape!

Anita didn’t like running. She told me she hadn’t run the Peachtree Road Race in 25 years. In fact, she hadn’t run for more than 10 minutes since then. She thought of running as “torture” and punishment for gaining weight. That was May... read more

Joy Found Greater Self-Esteem… and a Great Guy!

Joy had an upbringing that strongly contributed to poor self-esteem.  When we met for her first session, she revealed a history of picking the “wrong guy” who didn’t show her much respect. She was still hung up on a guy who had been... read more

30-Year Habit GONE After One Hypnosis Session!

This client was a little sheepish when initially contacting me for help.  His habit (thumb-sucking) was somewhat embarrassing… especially considering the fact that he was in his thirties.  However, as you can see below, it’s now ancient history.  He also... read more

Cristin Feels “At Ease” Flying After One Session!

Cristin’s fear of flying began more than a decade ago after having a panic attack aboard a plane.  Her fear was so intense that it actually caused her to make long roadtrips from Atlanta to New York and Texas, and also prevented her from traveling to see certain... read more

Tonya Quit Smoking Completely After One Session!

Prior to her initial hypnosis session, Tonya had never quit for more than 2-3 days.  At the time of this writing, she’s been smoke-free for nearly two months.  Tonya also said that since her sessions, she’s become happier, more positive, more comfortable... read more

Photos: Alina Skydives With NO FEAR!

Alina did a Skype session with me earlier this year. Her hope was to get rid of the tremendous fear she felt while attempting to skydive, specifically in order to complete a certification program. Immediately after listening to her session, she made a successful... read more

9-Year Nail-Biting Habit: Gone in a Single Session!

“My daughter bit her nails for 9 years, and we tried everything to get her to stop!  Nothing ever really stuck until her session with you, and since then she hasn’t bit them in more than 6 months!    She felt like she would have no problem stopping almost... read more

Michelle Loses Lifelong Fear In One Session!

Michelle had been dealing with this fear since childhood. We scheduled three sessions, and when she came in for her second, she said “I think I’m cured.”  We then did two sessions on other, unrelated issues, which she responded to equally well.... read more

Alina Goes Skydiving With No Fear!

This is from a client who wanted to enjoy skydiving, but had become paralyzed with fear before making a previous jump. I did a Skype session with her, emailed her hypnosis recording, and yesterday received the message below. “Dear Sean, I went for a tandem... read more

Eliminating Anxiety… and Medication

“Hi Sean, I am now completely weaned off my SSRI and have done so with minimal physical, mental, or emotional side effects. It’s wild really, as all the other times I’ve tried to get off it’s been so uncomfortable that I ended up going back on.... read more

Giving a Young Boy the Gift of Confidence

“Sean, My husband and I would like to thank you for everything you did for our son. Changes were noticed within the 1st week after his 1st session. He is genuinely happier everyday. This past weekend he had a soccer game and for the 1st time he didn’t back... read more

Marie Lost a 12-Year Diet Coke Habit!

 I worked with the following client for two sessions, but the results were immediate after even a single session. I’ve had numerous clients over the years whom I’ve helped to eliminate addictions to soda – from Diet Coke to Mountain Dew and... read more

Heather: “Sean, You Saved My Life!”

Heather, a former client, has become a Facebook friend. Every year on February 1st, she celebrates her anniversary as a non-smoker with a status update. February 2013 marks her 5-year anniversary since her session with me in 2008. Oh, and I helped her get rid of her fear of flying, too!

“I had tried quitting cold turkey…. I tried the patch… I tried the gum… I tried everything. The hardest part was being at home. It was like “Oh, my God… I’m going to sit at my house and not have a cigarette? How am I going to do that? But (after the first session of hypnosis) it was a no-brainer.

read more

40-Year Smoker: “I Feel Like I Never Smoked”

“I want you to know that I not only have not smoked, but I feel like I never have. It’s the most amazing feeling and I am almost flabbergasted by the results. I will never be able to thank you adequately. You are extremely effective. I came in with determination, but I had done this before with bad results. I am so happy. I wish I could describe it to you better, but it is honestly, like I said earlier, like I never had this habit. It is most liberating!

read more